Pet charms are not just for pets!! These make great purse charms, planner charms, keychain charms, necklace charms, or hang them on your rearview mirror or even a belt loop!



Aids in mental balance, attention to detail, memory and making music. Calming, aids in chi balance, unconditional spiritual love, self-esteem, and sensitivity.  Grounds the feeling of love in the physical world. Aids with anxiety, mental unrest, confusion, stress, and inconsistency. Is a very supportive stone that works with the Heart Chakra to attract love and foster self love.

Chakra: Heart


Aids with:

  • Stabilizing emotions
  • Convalescence (difficult Healing)
  • Emotional Trauma
  • Promotes Healing (physical & emotional)
  • Human-Animal Bond
  • Aids in healing Resentment
  • Aids in healing when 'Will to live lost'
  • Soothing and restoring order to pet's scattered or imbalanced feelings

This is a steady uplifting energy. Aids in gradually transforming emotional foundation, making the wearer feel more secure and mature.

Physical aids: inflammation of joints, ears, eyes



Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. Releases energy blocks, brings calm, control, balance, confidence, caring and compassion. Combats cycles & repeated patterns.

A gentle stone that helps heal allergy symptoms affecting skin, such as a skin rash, eczema, or dry, damaged, itchy skin.

Aids with:

  • Most powerful at calming the emotions
  • Promotes deep emotional healing.
  • Aids with the human-animal bound
  • Aids with insect bites and anaphylactic shock


Chakras: Sacral, Crown

** Choose your Charm -  please indicate in the Personalization area (Best Friends heart is standard if you do not choose) 


** Heart clasp # 2 is standard, if you would like different please indicate in the Personalization area.

Rhodonite & Moonstone Pet Charm

  • Charm measures between 3 inches with the clasp. If you would like shorter or longer I would be happy to custom make an item for you. Go to the Custom Order form to complete your request.


    The clasp will fit most pet collars, or you may add it to another larger ring or small lanyard for those really large pets. It also works well to clip the charm to the thin ring which usually holds their tags.  Do Not attach a leash to the charm.


    Pet should be supervised while wearing the charm.  Since the charm is attached the pet cannot get away from the energy if desired. For this reason please supervise and if you notice your pet becoming fidgety or restless remove the charm.  It is also advised to introduce the pet to crystal energy in small doses. Allow the pet to wear for 5 minutes and then remove. The next day allow pet to wear for 15 minutes. On day three increase wearing time to 30 minutes.  On day 4 increase to 60 minutes. If you have not seen any negative responses after this time the pet should be adapting to the energy and be able to wear the charm for longer periods of time. Always supervise the pet while charm is on. Do Not ever leave the charm on a pet in a cage or kennel. Outdoor Cats are not recommended to wear the charms.


    Rough house playing with dogs can result in losing charms. Pawsitive Angels, LLC is not responsible for your animal that might lose and/or ingest the charm. Dog activities may shorten the lifespan of the charm.


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    Please seek medical treatment for chronic conditions and/or ailments for your pet. These charms are not a substitute for veterinary care.

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