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What Pets want us to know in this current environment

Over the last week or so I have noticed people mentioning a change in their pet’s behavior and asking if this was related to all the changes occurring due to the COVID-19 situation. So I thought I would put down what the animals have being sharing with me.

The short answer is, yes. Our pets, and all animals on this planet, are experiencing the energy shift that has resulted from COVID-19. Remember animals are more in tune to energy than humans. They are closer to Mother Earth and Spirit (universe). Each animal here on earth has a Soul purpose and a service mission. Many of them came to earth specifically for this event. They are working with this energy shift to assist us. They see this event as their chance to shine for us. If you have noticed changes in your pets behavior please take note as they are here to help us process our fear, our uncertainty, and our compassion.

Many of us connected to the animal kingdom are getting similar messages – this event is not happening To us, but For us. We as a society, have been living our day to day lives in a constant state of fear. This may have been conscious or subconscious. This event has woken us to be more AWARE. The presence of a common fear has made it possible for all of us, at one time, to stop and regroup, reconnect with ourselves, others, and our passion. To hold precious what is truly valuable. The animal kingdom actually love seeing us more aware – this event has forced us to live in the moment and to be more authentic. Yes we may need to change how we do stuff but change is good in the long run.

Our companion animals are working overtime to help us process our emotions that come with this change. Some may even carry your excess emotions to lighten your load. Love and respect them for this. Help them by giving them more of your time. Take your dog in the yard and play or run around with them, get a piece of string and get your cat to chase it with you. Any type of physical movement will help both you and your pet shed excess emotions/energy and open space to receive. Follow your pets lead – they will try to help you wherever they can.

Maia Kincaid received this message from her cat Simon and I felt it needed to be shared:

“It is our hope you learn from our presence. Tuck in with us and learn how to be in the moment. Don’t run us off to the shelter because you are not sure you can provide for us, instead ask for help, it is available……”

Simon went on to share ....

“What is interesting for humanity at this time is that you are fighting the same foe. (You always have been fighting the same foe you just didn’t know it.) You have the same enemy which is bigger and badder than any other foe you have ever dealt with and bigger than the enemy you see in one another. There is an opportunity for humans to unite like never before. We (animals and beings of Nature, including of course Mother Earth) are excited! It is like we are all watching the greatest human drama to date and we are all routing for you to win.”

Simone, what does that look like, “to win”?

“It means walls drop and true genuine respect can be had amongst humans regardless of your religion, your politics, your culture and where you live.”

My hope is this will help you understand where your pets are coming from. They are truly routing for all of humanity. If you have specific questions please reach out and I will assist where I can.

Love & Light,


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