How does a session work?

It’s actually really simple.  All I need to connect with your animal is a good quality photo (preferably showing their face), their name and your name. I use the photo to tune into them and the name just reinforces the connection. 


How is the information received?

When making a connection with animals the information comes back to me in many ways. Often pictures will flash up in my mind to show something the animal wants me to see, or it could be more like a short video. It can also come through as words and sentences. This is not like hearing an animal’s voice in my head! It’s more like the words are just ‘there’ as if they have been downloaded into my consciousness. It can also come through as emotions, so if an animal is full of life I will feel an excitement in my body, or if the pet is unwell I might feel the pain in the affected area.


How can an animal communication reading help my pet?

The possibilities are endless! Animal communication readings help you to understand your furry friend in ways you couldn’t normally.  I believe animals, pets specifically, come into our lives for a reason.  Like us animals are here to experience or to teach, they have a soul purpose and service mission.  They have Guardian Angels and work with the angelic realms.  Many times when I connect with an animal I also receive messages from the angels.  Pets in particular have a specific service mission which usually involves the human(s) in their life.  They may have traveled or experienced many situations in order to get to you, or you could be their care taker along the way. 


When I connect with pets they are most eager to talk about their soul purpose or service mission.  This is their reason here on Earth and they want their people to know.  So don’t be surprised if they have advice for you! 


Pet communications can also be used to help with emotional and behavioral issues, sometimes these are related to their service mission. Sometimes it can just be healing for the animal to finally be listened to.  Imagine if you were a dog or cat and you needed something but your human couldn’t understand. Just for someone to hear your needs can make such a difference to an animal, both emotionally and physically.

What kind of questions should I ask my pet?

The main aim of an animal communication reading is to help your pet. By doing this you will improve your quality of life together too, so think about the kind of questions that will help bring this about.

If your pet has emotional or behavioral issues let me know as we can try and get to the bottom of them, finding out why it is happening and what you can do to assist them on their healing path. Don't be surprised if their issue is related to you or a situation involving you. Our pets carry emotions for us.

What if I don’t think you have connected to my pet?

Rarely does this happen, but it happens to every animal communicator sometimes. What you need to understand is that animals have free will too. Just imagine if you walked down the street and tried to strike up a deep conversation with 10 people. How many would enter into a conversation with a stranger and how many would be too busy or unwilling to discuss things with you? Sometimes it just takes a bit of patience, especially if the animal has come from an abused past. I always work with love, compassion and patience, and this can go a long way to encouraging a pet to open up.


If you feel I have not made a good connection with your animal I can try another session later.  If I am struggling to get much information back from your pet I will tell you. I would much rather say I can’t get a connection than make things up! That’s not the way I work and I’d hope other animal communicators work with that integrity too. Sometimes an animal will not want to connect, but it’s very rare. Sometimes you might have more than one pet and I may be picking up information from one of the others – they can sometimes butt in!



Can you help diagnose illnesses in my pet?

No, I never diagnose as I am not a veterinary doctor. Animal communications are not here to replace veterinary advice, and if your pet has an illness you should seek their help first. As a pet communicator I can look out for signs of illness but if I pick up on something it is purely for you to look into the issue with your vet. I might feel a pain in a certain leg or an aching in the mouth, perhaps a sickness in the stomach, but I will not and cannot diagnose what the problem is. It is up to you to follow up on the information I provide. Sometimes during a pet reading things will come up which may not have been picked up in a checkup so it can provide useful information.