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Crystals & Oils

Intuitive Consultation for

Crystal Gemstone Jewelry or Essential Oil Blends

Using my intuitive abilities and knowledge of crystals and essential oils, I will work with you to identify the appropriate crystal(s) and/or essential oil(s) that will best assist you or your pet and design a wearable item that is customized just for you!


Consultation are done InPerson. If you would like Zoom session please contact me to arrange.

1 hour session: $50.00 + cost of product

Zoom video session or In-Person sessions 

Protection for Empaths

Crystals carry a high frequency and are used to absorb negative energy and transform that heavier, lower energy into a higher, lighter vibration. Everything is energy and all energy is vibration. Every thought and feeling is a vibration. Crystals connect us to the Earth because they are tangible, physical forms that have powerful vibrations. This energy continues to connect with you when you wear them close to the skin or place them in your environment. Crystal energy helps you on your spiritual journey because it works to hold your intention and remind you of your connection to the Earth.

Essential Oils are the aromatic volatile liquid distilled from freshly cultivated shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes and seeds.  Essential oils are the life-force of the plant; basically their internal juices. The essential oil is to a plant as blood is to a human. Because essential oils come from Mother Earth they also carry a frequency and are energy.  Using Essential Oils you get both the life-force of the plant and the energy from Mother Earth.

To remain in continued alignment with the CDC guidelines all sessions will be held via Video for the foreseeable future

Evening and Weekend sessions available upon request. Contact Me for details.

Essential Oils education consultation

New to essential oils? Not sure how they work or what you can do with them?  This is an individual session where I will teach you the basics of how essential oils work and how to use them safely.       interested in a group class check my Events page or request a Class here       


Have a specific condition or emotional situation? Bring your questions and/or symptoms and I will use my intuitive abilities and knowledge to identify the essential oils best suited for your specific situation.  Consultation are done InPerson.  If you would like a Zoom session please contact me to arrange.

1 hour session: $50.00 + cost of product

Zoom video or InPerson sessions

I have chosen to use Young Living essential oils.  If you chose to sign up an account under me during or after the session you will receive a FREE product from me equal to the cost of this session.

To remain in continued alignment with the CDC guidelines all sessions will be held via Video for the foreseeable future

Join my Young Living Team and receive a Free gift for signing up AND continued free essential oil education

Business Coaching

Looking for a cost efficient way to get your personal business online? 

I provide coaching services, website creation and social media setup services.


My focus is to assist the new practitioner/coach in getting their business registered and creating an online presence through Website creation and Social Media setup that is DIY easy for the best value.  There is no need to go broke getting your new business online. Once created I will teach you how to maintain your online presence in an efficient manner.

Essential Oils

I offer both ready made and custom blend products made with pure therapeutic grade essential oils.

Schedule a Consult to discuss the best essential oil for you

Essential oils may be added to any service. Contact me for details.

Learn more about essential oils here 

Visit my SHOP to order products or request custom blends

Crystal Therapy

Therapy with crystals may be added to any session.  Contact me for more details.

Contact me to discuss crystals and how they can work for you or your pet.

I also offer both ready made and custom crystal items.  

Visit my SHOP to order products or request custom items.

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