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Animal Kingdom

Celeste Woods

What a wonderful gift Linda has to share with the world. As a proud mama of two new rescues, Linda was able to give me some much-needed insight directly from my babies about their fears, wants and needs. If you love your fur babies, you'll want to schedule a check-in appointment with Linda!! She connects with your pet's energy and puts their message into human--speak! Grateful and happy to recommend!!!!

Amy Reed

Linda is exceptional and I highly recommend her! Can't say enough good things about her and the wonderful services she provides.

Sarah P.

Linda is super talented and you can feel her love and positive energy. My Intuitive Reading was spot on! It brought tears to my eyes.  Linda was able to tune in and bring forth the exact messages I needed to hear.  Truly grateful.

Chelsea S.

If you know me, you know I'm a #tarot purist

My dear friend @pawsitiveangels introduced me to these cards today with her Intuitive Reading session...which was AMAZING!

Now I'm really excited to dive in with the cards.

As healers, we have the ability to... heal ourselves ...Food is part of that. Not calorie counting or low-fat grossness, but using what we have in our pantries, refrigerators, gardens, and environments to fortify ourselves... body, mind, and spirit

We become what we consume.

R. Daly

Linda is incredible. She had a session with my animals. My 3 cats are now all getting along and even allowing our dog to hang out with them. She brought peace to my babies and our home

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