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Messages from Mother Nature

Oracle Card Readings

Intuitive readings with The Food Healing Oracle Deck®.


These cards bring in nourishing wisdom and guidance from the Divine...they bridge the spiritual  world with the practical world of science and nutrition....

Awaken your soul emotionally, mentally, physically & spiritually.


Looking to connect with your Pets? They will come through during these sessions. The animal kingdom, which is part of Mother Nature, has guided me to use these cards as a tool to bring forth messages for your greatest & highest good. Many times this includes connecting with your pets, either in spirit or physically on earth.

No two sessions are the same as they are guided by Spirit. I only serve as the conduit and interpreter.


Online via ZOOM

One hour session:  $99.00

Check out my Happenings page

to visit me for in person sessions


use Promo code LINDAPAWS to get 10% your fist purchase

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