Animal Communication

I believe animals, pets specifically, come into our lives for a reason.  Like us, animals are here to experience or to teach, they have a soul purpose and service mission.  They have Guardian Angels and work with the angelic realms.  Many times when I connect with an animal I also receive messages from the angels. 

Do you have a specific situation going on with your pet?

Need to inform you pet about an event in your life; moving, change in family?

Did you adopt a new furry family member? Are you looking for a new furry family member? Do you have questions on how to best welcome the new pet into your family?


Are you struggling with developing a new routine? Are you trying to decide if you need a professional trainer or not? Do you have general questions about canine or feline behavior?

Animal Communication 

Using my intuitive abilities I will communicate with your pet, here or on the Other side. In allowing the animal to lead the session, I will get to know them and find out what they would like you to know.   Sessions may include a Reiki treatment or other energy healing. I will also be able to share with you what may help them with a particular situation (i.e. Reiki energy healing, essential oil, crystals, veterinary care, patience, training, love)

Pets in particular have a specific service mission which usually involves the human(s) in their life. They may have traveled or experienced many situations in order to get to you, or you could be their care taker along the way.  When I connect with pets they are most eager to talk about their soul purpose or service mission.  This is their reason here on Earth and they want their people to know.  So don’t be surprised if they have advice for you! 

I can also pass along any messages or information you would like to share with your pet concerning anything going on in your life. Letting your pet know about changes that will affect them will decrease their anxiety.  


Sessions may be done via Zoom, FaceTime, Duo or Phone....60 mins session or 30 min session. Only a photograph of your pet is needed. Once you schedule a session I will ask you to email a photo of your pet.  


Schedule a Session

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Animal Communication - 60 min session

Session  $125.00 (up to 3 pets)  .......  2020 End of Year Special pricing $99 

Session may be done via Zoom, FaceTime, or Duo video, or Phone call. This is a 60 minute session - I connect with your pet(s) a day or two prior.  This longer session will allow your pet to share deeper spiritual messages.


Only a photograph of your pet is needed. Once you schedule a session I will ask you to email a photo of your pet.  During the session I will go over what I have received during that time, plus I will connect with your pet during the session so you may ask any questions you may have.

Animal Communication - 30 min session

Session  $75.00 ( 1 pet)  .... 2020 End of Year Special pricing $65

Sessions may be done via Zoom, FaceTime, Duo video or, Phone call.  This is a 30 min session.  I will connect with your pet at the time of the call and you will be able to ask your questions, or see how they are feeling. 


Only a photograph of your pet is needed. Once you schedule a session I will ask you to email a photo of your pet.  

E-Mail Check-In / Progress Report

Session  $30.00

Session done via e-Mail  If you have had an Animal Communication session with Linda within the last 3 months and have questions pertaining to that session, an eMail check-in might be the right thing for you. Ask a few questions or get a general "progress report".


When you purchase the EMAIL CHECK-IN option, Linda will email you directly for details regarding the nature of your concerns.   


Evening and Weekend sessions available upon request.

Don't see a time that works for you on the scheduling calendar?

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