“May animals be your mirror and your guiding light."

~ Kathleen Prasad

I wanted to take this opportunity to respond to our current global pandemic.  Please know that this is not happening To us, but For us. Even though our normal routines are changing we will find a new normal; we will get through this together; remember to treat everyone with kindness; look for the positive; help your neighbors; and most of all love one another.

Pets during this time will begin to absorb our emotions, especially stress and fear.  They do this to help carry the load for their guardians. Do your part to help your pets; play with them, take them for a solo walk; do some training exercises; offer Reiki energy; meditate with your pets; do yoga with your pets....all of these activities will help both of you to release stress and fear.

Consider Donating to the Pet Pantry (follow the link for a list of drop off locations).  Many families are finding it hard to support their family and their pets.  If you need food assistance with your Pets reach out to the Loudoun Hunger Relief at 703-777-5911 or to friends and neighbors, remember you are not alone.  

Love & Light.......Linda

Meet Linda

Linda has communicated with animals of all types since a young age.  After traveling the world and a few decades in a technology career, her love of animals lead her to become a certified canine obedience instructor and a veterinarian assistant.  In addition, Linda is a Reiki Master and IET practitioner. Linda uses her intuitive gifts, energy healing, and her knowledge of animals to provide divinely guided messages from the animal kingdom. 
Animal Communication


I'm proud to representative Magnetude Jewelry.   Everything is made of energy, including our bodies and our pets.  When I found Magnetude Jewelry it just made sense to include these in my tool offerings for protecting our energy.  Learn More about this awesome product and how it can help both you and your pets.  

10% of all Sales are donated to an Animal Rescue


March & April 2020 will go to Diamond's recovery 

Use Party ID 231

"Energy healing is like defragmenting your hard drive. The scattered pieces of yourself become whole again." 

~  Jennifer Richie Payette

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